How to make a resume

How to make a resumeWant to apply for a job and wondering how to make a resume. Well you are not alone in the boat. When you apply for a job you have to give your resume which will be there along with numerous other resumes of people applying for the same position and similar skills. Hence it is important that your resume makes a mark on the reader and gets you qualified for the interview. Hence giving time and energy on how to make a resume is very important.

Your resume is the only thing that the potential employers have to get an idea of your characteristics, skills and qualifications. It is your way of selling yourself as the perfect choice for the job and so how to make a resume that highlights your ability and skill in comparison to other competitors is very important. It might also be a tough thing to do. When you think of how to make a resume you have to remember that the people who read your resume don’t have all day to read it. So make your resume precise and to the point. Usually the length of the resume should be around 1-2 pages and if you are a fresher then you should definitely wind it up in one page. Also using proper borders, regular fonts, proper margins and borders and enough white spaces will make sure how to make a resume neat, uncluttered and easy to read

Start the resume with Introduction. When you think of how to make a resume introduction, remember to keep it brief and interesting. This section includes you name, address and contact details. It tells in brief about you and you skills. So if you are an engineer you can just say civil engineer with 5 years of work experience with leading construction companies in areas like residential and commercial structures construction and roadway construction. Word this in coordination with the current job requirement. You can mention in brief of any special achievements or awards that would encourage the reader to read ahead.

The next section of how to make a resume that stands out would be to write your work experience. Usually the trend is to write the work experience in reverse chronological order. So it starts from you current job and then goes backward up to your first job. If you have many years of experience then you don’t have to go into each and every detail of your job. It is important that you well word each job duty in a precise manner and includes any special achievements at each job.

The next section would be qualifications. When you think of how to make a resume that is precise you don’t have to mention each and every exam you passed. You should only mention the relevant diplomas, degrees in the reverse order of achievement. It is important to write proper dates of each exam. You should also write about any additional skill like language skills, known softwares etc. Remember to go through it and make relevant changes before submitting.


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